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General Translation

Driver's license, Individual Number Card, school letters, resume and cover letter, etc.


Legal Translation

Marriage documents, lease agreement, legal letter, independent contractor agreement, partnership agreement, company policies and regulations, non-disclosure agreement, family registry, division of inheritance agreement, government documents, etc.


Business Translation

Certificate of Company Registration, Dun & Bradstreet Business Credit Reports, Corporate Charter, business plan, receipts translation for tax purposes, advertisement, pamphlets, website translation, product description, seminar panels, symposium announcer scripts, etc.


Technical Translation

Auto repair quotation, vehicle inspection report, operation manuals, mobile apps, video game localization, documents relating to architecture and real estate, etc.


Medical Translation

Pharmaceutical company website and product description, user manuals for medical devices, medical records, medical certificate, Maternal and Child Health Handbook, etc.



Legal interpretation, conference interpretation, medical appointment communication assistant, etc.


Bilingual Administrative Services

Bilingual administrative work such as business meeting interpretations, online research, over-the-phone interpretations, email correspondence, school enrollment assistant, etc.

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Localized branding and marketing

Localization, US military consumers and Asia pacific market research, trade show support, manufacture introduction, etc.

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