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“To connect people and businesses beyond language, cultural, and geographical barriers.“

  Located inside the Kadena Air Base USO, Central Translation Services is the first and only translation office to open a location on US military bases here in Japan. Due to our unique location and nature of our profession, our team members possess an internationally unique background and understanding of diverse cultural values. Their universal love for humanity drives their passion for helping others with personal and business endeavors. From assisting with daily personal challenges in life to expanding your business internationally, Central Translation Services is here to guide you every step of the way. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals. Our trained professionals understand our role as a bridge that connects two different worlds, and value professionalism, information protection, neutrality, and sensitivity. 




  Central Translation Services was first established as a legal translation office with a focus on business support. Our Managing Director has a background in law researching Hague Treaty for international children’s rights and studying intellectual property law, and one of our first team is a Spanish lawyer who excels in contract writing and studied law in both Spain and Japan. Long before moving into our current main office, our mission was to support international business owners in Japan to manage their businesses smoothly and in reverse assist Japanese companies expand into international market safely. 


  With advancements in technology, we can establish connections regardless of distance. Artificial intelligence’s influence on business processes have paved the way for globalization, promoting language and data as vital tools for conflict resolution, exploring new opportunities, and ultimately bettering our lives. As opposed to direct word-to-word translations and interpretations, we understand the cultural differences and sensitivity of business environments. Information filtered through us will be rendered with subtle adjustment when necessary, depending on situations deemed appropriate for each case. 

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